How do I use Strupz, the new Jean Stirrup?

Clip the Strupz to the bottom of your jeans or trouser legs to form a stirrup.

How is it best to attach the Strupz to my jeans?

It is easier to attach the Strupz to your jeans before you put your jeans on.  However if you can bend forward and touch your toes then you will be capable of attaching Strupz whilst wearing your jeans.

What should I do if my jeans are too long?

When wearing longer length jeans, it will be necessary to turn them up.  Make sure they are turned up so that the bottom of the jeans sits just above floor level.  This way you obtain a tighter fit and create the right amount of tension on your jeans and the Strupz, helping eliminate the bagginess around the knee area.

How many pairs of Strupz do I need?

You only need one pair of Strupz as they are re-usable and can be transferred to any number of pairs of jeans or trousers.  Strupz are available in 8 popular colours so you may choose to own a couple of different colours to match either your jeans or your boot colours.  This way you can also leave them clipped in position on more than one pair of jeans or trousers at a time.

Are Strupz washable?

It is recommended that Strupz are washed only by hand, and should definitely be removed from your jeans before you put your jeans in your washing machine.

Are Strupz the same as Jodhpur Clips?

No, Strupz are a much shorter product with smaller clips designed to keep your jeans / trousers tucked neatly inside your boots, whereas the Jodhpur clip is much longer with larger clips and is solely for the purpose of keeping Jodhpurs down over the top of Jodhpur boots aimed at the Equestrian market.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

The standard dispatch time is 5 working days, however we endeavour to dispatch orders quicker than this when possible.  All orders are posted First Class Royal Mail.

What is the postage and packing cost?

Shipping to anywhere is the UK is £2.00, and Overseas is £4.00.  It is the same price for 1 pair – 5 pairs.

Do Strupz fit all styles of jeans?

You can clip Strupz to the bottom of any style of jeans or trousers, however we do not recommend using them with bootleg or wide fitting flairs or bell bottom jeans as these styles aren’t ideal for tucking into boots.

Will Strupz damage my jeans?

No.  Strupz clips are like braces clips.  They may leave an indentation, but nothing that won’t either wash or iron out.

Will Strupz hurt my ankle?

No, the clips sit confortalby below your ankle bone so can’t be felt inside your boots.

Do Strupz come in different sizes?

No, one size fits all, and they have been worn by children as young as 5, and a wide fitting adult.

Do men wear Strupz?

Yes men find them useful when tucking jeans or tracksuit bottoms into Wellington boots, or when wearing Snow Boots or Sailing boots in the winter.

Can Children wear Strupz?

Yes, chidren as young as 5 are wearing Strupz